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Aekyung indastrial Co., - life stylist enhancing the values of customers. 

Advanced technology, Advanced management.

-Laundry Detergent- perfect for drum Washing Machine. Sterilization, Washing, Whitening with one. 
Most powerful and highly concentrated detergent in Korea. 
-Dental care- healthy teeth based on the company's accumulated know-how - Main elements: Vitamin E, silica and SMFP - Developed to realize vision of healthy teeth - Preserves the 20 teeth of people until they turn 80, based on the company's accumulated know-how - Active Ingredients : Vitamin E, silica and SMFP - Outstanding treatment of periodontal diseases and excellent prevention of cavities - Whitens teeth, cleans mouth, freshens breath. - Selected as the Best Product in 2010 by the JoongAng Daily
-Washing-up liquid
-Body care
-Hair care

We provide full catalog and pirce list for all the stated products below.
We have all import certificates. Minimal order can be discussed.  


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