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Date : 2015-02-16 17:45  |  Hit : 1,651  

Jayoun Beauty Lake Mask.

Jayoun is the most famous mask sheet not only in Korea but also in Asian countries. It has high quality and wide range of mask sheets for skin. We strongly recommend this brand masks to those who want to have baby skin.
This snail gold mask is uniquely manufactured from 100% snail slime and gold which contains natural anti-aging properties. This snail mask melts within the skin to enhance it and keep it moisturized. It nourishes the skin to bring out a natural radiance to the skin. This snail mask adds nutrition to the skin layers to do away with signs of aging and ensures that the skin remains healthy and young.

We offer direct wholesale supply to the Korean mask sheet brand Jayoun Beauty Lake.
We have all import certificates to Europe Russia and CIS countires. Minimal order can be discussed. 

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